About Aunties and Uncles


To make a positive difference to the lives of children.


To provide a unique relationship based early intervention program that offers vulnerable and socially isolated children in Queensland opportunities to shape their future and reach their potential.


Respect: We will foster strong, positive relationships and partnerships with the communities we serve.

Compassion: We will nurture our staff, mentors, and participating families with care and consideration at all times

Dependability: We will deliver outstanding quality and be recognised for the integrity and longevity of our program.

Professionalism: We will strive to be a well-governed, efficient and financially stable business.


The Aunties and Uncles concept was pioneered in 1974 by the founder of the New South Wales Aunties and Uncles Program – Rose White. Her vision was to build a better life for children.

Aunties and Uncles Queensland was founded by Ann Thew in 1992. Ann had been a volunteer auntie in Sydney before moving to Brisbane in 1990. In the 1990s, the program was funded by way of philanthropic grants and non-recurrent funding from the State Government. This provided for the employment of a full-time social worker and an executive officer to undertake the administration aspects of the program. However, as a result of a change of government priorities, the program closed for a short time from November 2002. At that time, the program had 95 children actively linked and well over 100 children waiting to be linked.

In October 2003, Aunties and Uncles Queensland reformed under the umbrella of a special concept Lions Club. The program operated under the Lions Club through to September 2012 and slowly re-established itself as playing an important role in supporting vulnerable families in the community. In November 2010 the program expanded to the Gold Coast. An office was opened in Paddington in November 2011.

The program is totally self-funded through the fundraising efforts of its members and through grants and donations from corporate partners, organisations and individuals.

Plans and Policies

Strategic Plan
Child Protection Policy
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
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