“I have noticed major changes in my son’s behaviour. His self-worth and self-esteem have improved dramatically. He also has made friends at school with his new found confidence.”
Nat, mum to Kyal, 10 year old boy

“I have seen Ben grow and mature in the time that he and his Uncle Andrew have been together.  Andrew always has words of wisdom, is very calming, and a positive influence in Ben’s life. My favourite thing is when I see Andrew come to the door and Ben’s face light up – he just beams with happiness.”
Chrissy, Ben’s mum

Testimonials Surfing

“My aunt and uncle have taken the time to help me use my knife and fork. This has been great as they will take me out for dinner as a treat sometimes.”
Sam, 9 years old

“I really like spending time with my aunt. We cook, go swimming, watch movies and sometimes go out for dinner. She even sends me postcards when she goes on holidays.”
Kara, 11 years old

“My mother was a single mum with no other family in Australia. A&U had a huge impact not just on my life but on my sisters as well. My fondest lasting memory would honestly be the relationship I had with my Aunty and the weekly, sometimes daily conversations that we would have over the years. Nothing in this world could compare with that.”
Rochelle, now 27 years old

“We love spending time with our niece.  She is a joy to be with.  She makes us laugh and keeps us young!  We love building on our relationship and seeing her grow and develop new skills as well as becoming more confident.”
Lorelle, mentor

“I have formed a very warm and caring relationship with my niece over the years. While she is about to turn 12 and graduate from the program, I recognise that my role is not over yet and I look forward to continuing my relationship and watching her grow. I am certain her mother will support this as all three of her children enter adolescence.”
Louise, mentor

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