Fundraising event
Tue, 31 Dec 2019, 12AM Paddington

2019 Christmas Appeal!

Deck the halls as it’s time for us to launch our 2019 Christmas Appeal!

We need your help to give vulnerable children like Derek & Jason a chance at a bright future.

The brother’s aunties & uncles have had a significant influence on their young lives, helping provide much needed stability and improve their self-esteem and confidence. The mentors provide them with emotional and practical support, role model positive behaviours and help them develop new skills in an expanded social network and family identity.

Most importantly, both Derek and Jason continue to be very excited to spend time with their Aunties and Uncles.  Both say they love going out and having the opportunity to engage in different activities with their mentors, who they consistently describe as nice, caring people.  There is no doubt that the mentoring relationship is assisting the boys to develop a sense of faith in the adults around them, despite the at times unpredictable nature of their lives.

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Make a big difference to a little life