Who are the mentors?

Aunties and uncles are volunteers over 18 years of age who may be married or single, with or without children of their own. They have a caring, non-judgmental attitude, a genuine liking for children and the time and willingness to develop a long term relationship with their niece/nephew which encourages them in a positive way.

Who are the children we help?

Our ‘nieces and nephews’ are children referred to us by social workers, community or government agencies or by their parents. They often live in sole parent families with no extended family network.

How does it work?

Once a volunteer auntie/uncle is screened and accepted into the program, the Coordinator reviews the children on our waiting list to identify the best possible match taking into account your residential location, your interests and lifestyle.

The Aunties and Uncles mentoring program is about long term, systemic change and opportunity for our next generation. An Aunties and Uncles mentorship can play a huge role in providing children with the opportunities and experiences to help them to overcome disadvantage, build resilience and confidence and grow into healthy and happy community members.

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